The 25th George Old Car Show will take place on 12 & 13 February 2022.
If the 4th-wave of Covid-19 escalate and/or regulations change, we also consider 23/24 April 2022 as an alternative date. But we will keep you updated.

Department of Health COVID-19 updates available at

Die 25ste George Oumotorskou sal gehou word op 12 & 13 Februarie 2022.
Indien die 4de-golf van Covid-19 eskaleer en/of regulasies verander, sal ons ook 23 & 24 April 2022 oorweeg as alternatiewe datum. Ons sal u ingelig hou.


If you wish to register your vehicle for the 2022 George Old Car Show please click on the button below.  Please note that the cut-off date for vehicles is 1975. Vehicles manufactured from 1976 onwards will be reviewed by the SCOCC Committee before approval. If you feel that your vehicle should be allowed or you are a member of a motor club, please send your contact and vehicle details to

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Potential stall holders wishing to exhibit at the 2022 George Old Car Show please click on the button for more information.
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The SCOCC will be the undisputed leader in the old car movement, a vibrant  community of people, passionate about their hobby and widely respected for their ability to adapt to challenging circumstances.

Our membership will soar and will include a network of both young and old,  characterising camaraderie, mutual respect and caring for one another. We will  be operating like one big family, offering our abode for everyone to express  themselves and enjoy the excitement of the hobby. Prospective members will be  queuing up to become members of this unique motoring experience.

The clubhouse will inspire imagination and offer hours of enjoyment to everyone.  It will be the fingerprint of who we are and how we run our club. It will be  personalised and filled with motoring memorabilia, walls will be covered with  posters and photographs portraying our members and their vehicles.

Our fully equipped workshop will be a bee-hive of activity where members will  convene to discuss problems and share knowledge and achievements.  Restoration of vehicles will benefit and members will gain in their understanding  of early engineering. We will be a source of knowledge and innovation and  recognised for our member's high standards of renovation and repair.

The club's activities will be the talk of the town and people from far and wide will  participate. Events will vary from tours, captivating the splendour of the Southern  Cape, to bubbling social gatherings; from show-off parades amongst appreciating communities to serious talks about the heritage we so lovingly maintain and  protect.

This legend amongst old car clubs in Southern Africa will be led by a team of  dedicated executives unselfish in their efforts to serve the fervour of our members and bold in safeguarding the legacy of the motor car and its patronage.