The 25th George Old Car Show will take place in February 2022. 

The safety and health of our members and the public is paramount, and we believe that postponing the event is the responsible action to take.

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Die 25ste George Oumotorskou sal gehou word in Februarie 2022.

Die veiligheid van ons lede en die publiek is van uiterste belang en daarom glo ons dat die uitstel van die skou die regte en verantwoordelike besluit is.

Bagful of British Beauties

The 22nd George Old Car Show, proudly driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company, takes place on 10 – 11 February 2018.

In the special exhibition area there will be some 40 vehicles of British manufacture, and among them will be four of Karl Reitz’s collector’s items, namely a 1947 MG TC, a 1958 MG A, a 1928 3-liter Bentley, and a 1916 Maxwell.

“My interest in veteran and vintage cars started when I was a young boy,” said Karl, who lives in Knysna with wife Tilly and their children. “My parents were pioneers of the veteran movement and founder members of the Crank Handle Club in Cape Town.”


His father Rudi Reitz built his first car in 1954. This 1916 Maxwell was given to him by the original owner from Darling in the Western Cape and the car has remained in the care of the family to this day.

According to Karl, this American car was built to be competition for the Ford Model T. “This is one of the most original cars in South Africa and has been a regular at the George Old Car Show.”

He also has a 1943 Willy’s MB Jeep in the garage, which was acquired when his father swopped it for a Desoto Airflow many years ago. “In true military style, this vehicle has had a rough life and awaits a full restoration in the near future.”

Karl’s first old car was a 1931 Austin 7 Chummy that was given to him when he was a schoolboy. “It is still in my possession today and has been 95% restored by myself.”

His second British car, which he uses for driving around daily, is a 1958 MG A open two-seater. This car is currently used by his brother Fritz, who has restored the vehicle to its present pristine condition, and uses it regularly.

A 1947 MG TC was Karl’s first acquisition. He saw the vehicle while on an international Bentley tour that passed through Vryheid in KwaZulu-Natal about two years ago.

The vehicle had been restored by Harry Heinz. “His wife had given him an ultimatum to sell the car, or else, and Harry parted with the car with only 950 miles on the clock since restoration.”

This car has won many awards from the MG Club in Natal. “I am proud to say this car is a dream to drive and has done 3 000 miles since it has been in my care.” Karl will be accompanying other TC owners from the Knysna MG Club on a tour in October 2018 in this car.

Just before Easter in 2017, he became custodian of a 1928 3-liter Bentley. “Interestingly, I have been part of the back crew on a number of international Bentley tours in South Africa and New Zealand, but have never owned a Bentley.”

He basically grew up with Bentleys, as his late father, in his time, owned an 8-litre, a 4-litre, three 4.5-litre and an R-type Bentley in his time. His father also owned Rolls Royce’s.”

The 1928 Bentley has been in the hands of a few South Africans, the last being Ali van Jaarsveld, who is a regular member of the old car movement at the George Old Car Show.

“Ali and Kobus, her late husband, travelled thousands of kilometres on most of the international Bentley tours held in South Africa, and it was Kobus’s wish that I be caretaker of this fine vehicle.”

Since the car has been in his care, Karl has travelled on two trips in 2017, covering about 2 000 miles, and plans to do a trip of about 4 000 km in 2018.

“The plan for the George Old Car show is that my family will have the two MGs, the Bentley and the Maxwell on exhibition.”

The 2018 George Old Car Show takes place a PW Botha College. Special weekend and day entrance tickets can be bought online at

Only vehilcles manufactured prior to 1975 and which had been registered in advance, will be exhibited at the show. Contact Klaus Oellrich at 076 764 0897 for more information, or registered on the website at