The 25th George Old Car Show will take place in February 2022. 

The safety and health of our members and the public is paramount, and we believe that postponing the event is the responsible action to take.

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Die 25ste George Oumotorskou sal gehou word in Februarie 2022.

Die veiligheid van ons lede en die publiek is van uiterste belang en daarom glo ons dat die uitstel van die skou die regte en verantwoordelike besluit is.

Exquisite Model Car Display

The George Old Car Show, proudly driven by Oakhurst Insurance Company, takes place on 10 – 11 February 2018.

The show will once again have an indoor display of over 5 000 model cars, of which a large percentage will be for sale. This gives young and old an opportunity to admire or purchase a car in small scale that brings back memories of a vehicle he or she, or a parent possessed many years ago.

This display is a highlight of the show and is also thoroughly enjoyed by the children, maybe to the disadvantage of their parents’ pockets!

Bunny Wentzel of Sportique Collectable Models from Johannesburg will be attending the show again, where he will be displaying and selling one of the best model car products in the world, i.e. the CMC range from Germany.

Pictured here is their latest model, the Talbot Lago Coupé T150 C-SS “Teardrop” of 1937 – 1939 in 1:18 scale (18 times smaller).

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When Talbot presented the Coupé for the first time during the Paris Motor Show in 1937, the visitors were immediately impressed. Everything about this fascinating vehicle and every detail testifies to the deep, almost obsessive love for perfect design and matching accessories.

In addition, it has a metal sunroof that is so rarely encountered in those days.

The luxuriously equipped interior with artistically worked precious wood and elegant leather ensures a sense of well-being, and the silky-smooth six-cylinder in-line engine with 140 to 160 hp, depending on the model, guarantees the highest degree of travelling pleasure.

When Anthony Lago and the already internationally renowned Frenchman Giuseppe Figoni and his partner Ovidio Falaschi conducted a collaborative exclusivity agreement between them in 1937, the premium product of this union became the so-called “Teardrop” Coupé, which entered the market between 1937 and 1939 with just 16 vehicles being manufactured.

Five units were built during the first production series, called “Jeancart”. The second production series was introduced at the New York Auto Show in 1937 and encompassed 11 vehicles, built exclusively with the T 150 C-SS chassis and short wheel-base of 2 650 mm. This vehicle lot went down in the history of Talbot-Lago as the “New York Model”, with each individual vehicle differing in either a hardly perceptible or a greater, conspicuous detail.

A typical example would be the design of the headlights, which were either freely mounted between the radiator grille and the fenders or recessed into the bodywork and arranged behind a chromium-plated metal grid.

Together with his chief engineer Walter Brecchia, Anthony Lago was already far ahead of his time where technology was concerned.

The shortened, lightly constructed T 150 C-SS chassis should be mentioned first. Independent suspension, a Wilson 4-speed pre-selector gearbox, excellent brakes and, as already mentioned, a smooth-running six-cylinder engine, were other technological highlights of this extraordinary vehicle.

The model shown here is hand-assembled and consists of 1488 single parts and is a true-to-scale, authentic replication of the Talbot Lago Coupé.

The model has a functional metal sunroof (a first for the model car industry), highly detailed 6-cylinder in-line engine (showing triple carbs, fabric plug leads and the battery bracket even with butterfly nuts), perfectly wired wheels with light alloy rim, stainless steel spokes and nipples and removable two-wing central locking nuts, trunk that can be opened revealing a spare wheel and leather straps, meticulous replication of dashboard with all instruments and controls, interior carpets with piping on the edges, leather seats that can be folded down, elaborate undercarriage showing every bolt and nut, brake lines, multi-bladed leaf springs, real wooden boards, etc. and brilliant paint work. A true piece of art and just unbelievable as a scale model that looks 100% like the real car.

Talbot Lago Coupé:

Engine: 3996 cc (± 4 liter) 6-cylinder in-line

Power: 140 – 160 bhp

Top speed: 185 km/h

Units made: 16

Thanks to Pierre Conradie, who owns a large CMC collection and who provided this information.

More information on the model car display, and to book a space, can be arranged with Ignatius Anker at 082 442 9875.

The George Old Car Show driven by Oakhurst Insurance will be held at the PW Botha College on 10 & 11 February 2018. Special weekend and day entrance tickets can be bought online at

The show is presented by the Southern Cape Old Car Club and vintage, veteran and classic cars that have been registered in advance will be displayed. Contact Klaus Oellrich at 076 764 0897 for more information, or register on the website